• WASLA, Egyptian musical suites
  • Since 2013

  • - Solo : Tarek Abdallah (oud, compositions)
    - Duo with Adel Shams El-Din (riq)
    - Trio with Adel Shams El-Din (riq) & Ghassan Sahhab (qanun)

    The wasla is a particular expression of the musical suite, developed by different Arab traditions, like "Nuba" in North Africa and "Fasl" in Syria. Therefore the term refers to the specific Egyptian classical musical suite practiced between the last third of the nineteenth century until the 1940s. Nowadays, this period, the "Nahda era", is considered as the Golden Age, not only of this musical tradition, but also in the art of Egyptian oud solo. "Wasla" is a creation developed by Tarek Abdallah proposing to revive the golden age of the musical tradition through a personal approach to the Egyptian musical suite in terms of composition, interpretation and improvisation. The first suite is composed by Tarek Abdallah in mode Bayyati, the second in Rast and the third in Sikah.

    Album release
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  • Teaching : Oud Masterclass, lessons, workshops
  • Since 2005

  • - Individual and collective teaching: progressive assimilation of the repertoire, the rhythmic cycles, the work on the instrumental technique, approaches the improvisation

  • Concerts with Baroques-Graffiti Ensemble
  • 2008-2012

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    - Cantates Françaises de Michel Pignolet de Monteclair
    - Sonates des Musicalische Ergötzung de Pachelbel
    - Stabat Mater de Pergolese ré-écrit par J.S. Bach
    - Leçons de Ténèbres de François Couperin

  • "Sirventès" with Manu Théron & Bijan Chemirani
  • 2010-2011

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    Bijan Chemirani (Persian percussions), Tarek Abdallah (Oud), Manu Théron (singing). Present from the first stammerings of Trobar (the poetry trobadors of which was craftsmen, the SIRVENTÈS is a style lamppost or protester. Three musicians stemming and soaked the Occitan, Persian and Egyptian cultures are inspired by original melodies, created in the end of the XIIIè centuries by the last troubadours.

  • "La Mouette" with Cie de l’Egrégore
  • 2008-2009

  • - The Seagull, Anton Tchekov

    Composition and musical performance for the theater-l’ Egrégore, on tour in France and Algeria.

  • "1000 Camels" with Cie ArtsFission
  • 2008

  • - 1000 Camels contemporean dance
    choreograph : Elysa Wendi
    Esplanade Theatre-Singapore